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According to Employers Against Domestic Violence (accessed 10/4/11)  74% of employed battered women were harassed by their partner while at work.  47% of senior executives polled said that domestic violence has a harmful […]

How to Keep Your Child Healthy

by RRW-8699 on September 17, 2011

Obesity is an epidemic in the world, however the United States is a country within the top five countries that have a severe weight problem. This issue doesn’t just extend to that of adults, but […]

There’s no doubt that, for the most part, people in the first world are living longer and better than they did just a century ago. Infections are easily alleviated, fevers simply mean a few days […]

The last few years have pushed the nation and really the world’s focus to that of our health. The United States is still in the top portion of having a heavy society, only beaten by […]